I am a PhD candidate in Philosophy at NYU and can likely be found doing my part to bring about the second golden age of marginalia.

Before NYU, I earned a JD from Harvard Law School, magna cum laude, and a BA in Philosophy from UCLA, summa cum laude.

Prior to law school I worked on Google’s Global Ethics and Compliance team for three years. After law school I clerked for the Honorable Chief Judge of the Seventh Circuit, Diane P. Wood. I was then a Bigelow Fellow at the University of Chicago Law School and a Faculty Affiliate at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society (where I was previously a Fellow). Immediately prior to starting at NYU I was a Visiting Researcher at Harvard Law School. For four years I was a Teaching Fellow for CopyrightX, a free online copyright course offered under the auspices of Harvard Law School. I’ve also spent short amounts of time at the Federal Trade Commission, Facebook, Keker & Van Nest, and Jenner & Block’s Washington D.C. office. And at Archipelago Books, as an editorial fellow.

I’m a lover of books – collecting, book and publishing culture, book history, books-as-objects, etc. You can find my reading lists on all these topics here.  In 2018 I attended the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar (“CABS”). I highly encourage all other bibliophiles to attend. In June 2019, I attended my first course at the Rare Book School at UVA. I’m also a member of the Grolier Club.

While I’m best described as an omnivorous book reader and collector (the intellectual promiscuous always are), my primary antiquarian collecting tracks (roughly, sometimes) my academic interests. I talk a bit about my rare book collecting in an interview, “The Future is Feminist Book Collecting: How women are shaking up the rarefied world of antiquarian books“.

My love of books also extends to reading. You can find what I read in 2019 here, 2018 here, 2017 here, and 2016 here. 2020 is here. I gladly give and receive reading recommendations – on and about anything. During the summer of 2018, I went on a week-long reading and walking pilgrimage in South England that was centered on Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse (one of my all-time favorites). The Boston Globe interviewed me about the experience here.

Calligraphy (be it doing it myself, learning about the history of historical scripts, and/or admiring various specimens protected under UV-resistant glass) is also a favorite hobby. In the summer of 2018 I spent a week taking a masterclass with the Queen of American calligraphy, Sheila Waters and her son, Julian Waters (I got in while being about as far from a master as you can get by sheer luck of circumstance). I also attended IAMPETH 2014 (IAMPETH = The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting). In October 2019 I will attend John Stevens’ Cheerio Workshop  where I will, once again, be engaged in an exercise of artistic humility.

I’m also a long-time cyclist (road). While at UCLA I was on the triathlon team and when working at Google was a proud member of SF2G. As for longer and multi-day rides, in addition to a number of century rides, I’ve done San Francisco to LA (during the AIDS Ride), Fort Bragg to San Francisco (during the Heather-will-now-attempt-biking-alone-for-multiple-days-and-discover-it’s-a-bit-lonley Ride), and the Solvang double century (one day, 200 miles). I also completed the Death Ride. Nothing has ever tasted as good as the Cup o’ Noodle and regular coke I had at an aid station after summiting the fourth climb, and that’s saying something! I’ve also ridden around Glacier and from Glacier to Yellowstone (while camping every night!). During the summer of 2019 I spent a week riding in the Dolomites and Italian Alps.

Bees and beekeeping first showed up on my radar back around 2007, when I first learned about Colony Collapse Disorder. But I’m going to be honest: it was Margaret Atwood’s MaddAdam Trilogy that sealed my destiny; I was to become a beekeeper. While I’ve had honeybees for about two years, I finally took beekeeping classes with the NYC Beekeeping Association in 2019. I now (gods willing) take care of my own bees.

I used to be a big Yelp! reviewer until they retroactively took away my elite status for the previous year when I failed to write enough reviews to merit elite status the following year. This experience also goes some way toward explaining my interest in property, as does a story involving Neopets circa 2003 that I’ll save for another time. At one point I had the highest score on Galaga at the Westwood Arcade; it was a big deal.

My publication and presentation page can be found here.